What are You Hauling in Your Cargo Trailer

One of the most important questions you can ask is; What are you hauling in your cargo trailer? Determining the right cargo trailer to purchase with the size and weight capacity you need will be easier to address when you determine the answer to this question.

Cargo trailers are used for numerous hauling purposes. Some use it each and every day to transport equipment, tools, machines, and supplies for their business. Some individuals use their enclosed trailer to haul a racing car and racing equipment to and from races all over the United States. Some haul hunting, camping and fishing equipment for their enjoyment of the outdoors. Some haul buggies, motorcycles, or atvs for racing and sports. There are so many uses for cargo trailers, but not one specific trailer will fulfill everyone's needs.

We have many craft fair vendors and food concession vendors that need very specific enclosed cargo trailers to transport their goods and food to and from arts and craft shows. You can see that each of these are different circumstances for someone to have a trailer. This is why it is important to know exactly what you will be hauling to show you the most suitable enclosed cargo trailer that will effectively fit your hauling requirements.

Before you purchase and start hauling your goods, it would be beneficial if you understand some of the basic items that will help you choose the right trailer for you. 


Cargo Trailer Hauling

Size Matters for A Cargo Trailer

After you answer the aforementioned question, determining the size becomes a little easier. It is better to purchase a hauling trailer a little larger in size than you need, instead of it ending up being too small. You may not need as large of a trailer if you are hauling only a smaller amount of items versus a big racing car and all of the equipment. The same goes for using it in a local business. If you own a landscaping design business and you have all of the equipment and mowers necessary, you may need a larger enclosed trailer to keep your equipment and tools safe and secure. 

Hauling a cargo trailer

What is the Weight of What You’re Hauling?

You may ask why do you really need to know the weight of what I'm carrying? The answer is simple, we want to make sure the trailer will hold what you are hauling safely and securely as you travel. A race car or large mowers will weigh a great deal more than most crafts and will require a different set of specs than a trailer for crafts. According to the weight you will be hauling, you may need a tandem axle trailer or larger axles.

Safety and Security of Your Items

If you are transporting a vintage car or collectables and antiques or perhaps even landscaping equipment safety and security may be on the top of your checklist. Investing in an enclosed cargo trailer will make it possible for you to be able to seal your items inside, where other types of trailers do not provide that security. Enclosed cargo trailers also help provide protection to your items from the elements.

Superior Quality

Not every trailer is built with the highest standards. You want to ensure you are buying from a dealer that has a history and a working relationship with a reputable and trusted manufacturer. At Reedy Branch Equipment Co, LLC we deal with only certain trailer manufacturers that we know deliver top quality trailers. 

Do You Need Doors or Ramps on Your Cargo Trailer

Depending on what you are transporting, it may be essential for you to have a ramp to easily move your cargo in and out. Some trailers have double doors and some single doors. Some even have doors that let down acting as a ramp. It really depends on your requirements.


large cargo trailer with door

Storage Area Inside the Trailer

If you are a carpenter, a builder, handyman, or some other type of service business, you may need a shelving or storage places inside the trailer, these are all very important to be clear on, because as your trailer is built, we can ensure you have exactly what you need to do your job to the best of your ability. Custom designed trailers are one of a kind built for your needs and have many options for you to choose. You may also need a way to keep items cool, that is possible, so those bits of information are essential when thinking about the inside build of the cargo trailer.

Side Entrance Doors

You may opt to have a side door entrance. Many who have racing trailers and camping trailers choose to have a side entrance. This makes it very easy to get into the trailer without having to unlock the double doors. When you are at a race or at the hunting camp and it's cold, you can shut the rear doors and leave the side door open.

Suv hauling cargo trailer with side door

Research and Analysis

The world wide web can be your friend while doing the preliminary research for the right cargo trailer. You can look at images and specs on a variety of trailers. We have many on our website. The most effective resource is a knowledgeable and experienced customer service rep that will take the time to gather all the details you give them, and they will be able to tell you if they have something in stock or whether yours will be a custom built trailer to meet your needs.


When you are selecting a dealer to purchase a cargo trailer, you will want to look at their reviews. Is the dealer helpful, do they provide good customer service?

We pride ourselves in taking the time a customer needs to decide on the absolute best trailer for them. We listen closely and show them what we have or what is possible.

After knowing the answers to each item above, you are better prepared to talk to a dealer. This will ensure you get a trailer that will fit your hauling needs.

We are happy to address your questions and assist you in selecting precisely what you are looking for. Investing in a cargo trailer can be a major decision and investment. We want to ensure your experience is the best possible. 

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