ATTENTION: The Cargo Trailer Industry is experiencing a shortage in materials which is causing the normal build time to be pushed back several weeks. Trailers that state they are in stock may or may not be in stock. Call to check availability.

Cargo Trailer Measurements

Cargo Trailer Measurements:

Ball Height Measurements from Ground to Ball 

6' Wide :18"-20" 

7' Wide: 18"-20" 

8.5' wide: 20"-22" 

8.5 Wide 

Exterior Measurements:

Example: 8.5x16= 19'6"

Add 3'6" for standard tongue

8'6" exterior width fender to fender

8'8" total exterior height with roof vent(subtract 4" without roof vent) 

15" Ground clearance to bottom of frame

Rear Door Entrance Measurements: 

87.5" between the cables

74" height rear door opening (Standard unit) 

90" width rear door opening 

Standard Interior Measurements: 

6'6" interior height (78") 

8' interior width from wall to wall(96") 

83.5" between wheel well boxes

Interior wheel well dimensions: 6"wide x 9"Height x 72"length

Subtract 3" from size for total interior length. 

Example: 8.5x16=15'9" interior box length.(plus a 24" V-nose) 

7' Wide Measurements: 

Exterior Measurements: 

Example: 7x16=19'6" exterior length 

Add 3'6" to box length for standard tongue 

8'6" total width fender to fender

8'4" total exterior height(Subtract 2" without roof vent) 

Ground clearance 14" to bottom of frame 

Rear Door Entry Measurements:

72" between the cables

69" height rear door opening

75" wide rear door opening

Interior Measurements 

6'3" interior height(75" 

80" width wall to wall

Interior length: Subtract 3" from size

Example: 7x16= 15'9" interior length 

Add a 20" V-nose 

6' Wide Measurements: 

Exterior Measurements: 

7'6" Total width fender to fender

8'5" total height (includes roof vent) 

14" Ground clearance to bottom of frame 

Add 3'6" to box length for tongue

Example: 6x12= 15'6" exterior length 

Rear Door Entry Measurements: 

69" height opening 

60" between the cables 

62" wide rear door opening 

Interior Measurements: 

6'3" Interior height 

68" Interior width 

Subtract 3" from size for total interior length 

Example: 6x12=11'9" interior length 

**All measurements are approximate**