ATTENTION: The Cargo Trailer Industry is experiencing a shortage in materials which is causing the normal build time to be pushed back several weeks. Trailers that state they are in stock may or may not be in stock. Call to check availability.

Color Selections

Trailer Color Options

Standard .024 Colors: 



Charcoal Gray



Silver Frost

.030 Premium Colors

The above colors plus below: 

Arizona Beige 

Indigo Blue

Emarld Green

Brandy Wine 

Dove Gray 

.030 Extra Premium Colors 



Electric Green 

Electric Blue 

Upgrading to .030 metal will provide a thicker exterior metal and will show less wrinkles.

.030 Exterior metal is highly recommended for darker colors. 

.040 and .050 is only offered in white or black. 

Note: Some color shades may vary in pictures.