Selecting the Right Cargo Trailer

Selecting the right cargo trailer can be a daunting task. Apart from the fact that there are so many brands and options to choose from, it can still be confusing to know exactly which one will suit your taste and needs. We will cover some of the things you will want to consider before you buy a cargo trailer.

Sometimes, in the excitement of getting a new trailer, some may choose a trailer that does not fit their exact needs.

That aside, different factors need to be put into consideration when buying a trailer. For instance, your budget, the size of the trailer, the size of the vehicle you need to tow it, what you need it to haul, and many more. The point is before you buy any trailer, you need to do your research first to come up with the right decision.

This article will streamline some key factors and guidelines to consider before choosing an enclosed cargo trailer to buy for yourself or your business.


Selecting the right cargo trailer

Below are Some Items to Consider Before Purchasing a Cargo Trailer

Different Sizes of Trailers

There are specific size options for trailers, each of them with different specs and what they can best be used for. You should also note that according to their sizes, their carrying capacity and operation vary from one another.

The most common sizes are 6 feet wide, 7 feet wide, 8.5 feet wide. The width trailers are available in varying lengths, from 12 to 28. So again, knowing what you need to haul is important, so you select the right size. Choose wisely so you have enough space to haul what you need.

You can look into more of the standard spec for each size trailer below.




Take a look at our trailer measurements.

Some of the standard features of these trailers may come with side doors, higher ceilings, electric brakes, and more.

Knowing Tow Power and What You Tow

Not all the trailers you find on the market are the best choice for your needs, especially if you already have a vehicle to tow your cargo. Hence, you'll have to consider if your vehicle is strong enough to haul the cargo around.

At this point, you'll have to measure the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) on your vehicle's specifications. This measurement determines the amount of weight your vehicle can pull when your trailer is loaded.

Also, before buying a cargo trailer, you should already know what you want to use it for. If you know you're going to be towing heavy cargo such as cars then your best bet is to choose a larger-sized trailer.

Budgeting Right

Another tip to consider is having a smart budget. Without a budget, even when you enter a grocery store, you tend to overspend. The same applies to when you want to buy a cargo trailer.

Of course, there will be trailers of the same size that have more options than the next. There are quite a few sizes to choose from, and the larger you choose and the more options, the higher price tag.

So, it's important to go to the market with a set budget in mind, after researching what you need in a trailer, so you won't end up with a trailer that exceeds your needs or one that doesn't meet your needs. At any point if you need help with your selection, we are a simple call away.

Ramp or Barn Doors

Before you buy a trailer, decide whether you would prefer a ramp or barn door style door. Both have their benefits, based on your needs.

A barn door style will make it easy for you to load your cargo in the trailer if you need to do it with a forklift. They are better for parking in smaller spaces. So, if you tend to have to park in a small space, a barn door may be best. They are easier to open and shut versus a ramp door. Ramp doors make it easier to walk into the trailer.

For instance, if you have a piece of machinery that you need to roll or drive into your trailer, then a ramp door may be a better choice. With a ramp door, you will need more parking space, because the door will have to be open from top to bottom. Another consideration is that ramp doors will have cables that help them lower. Ramp doors can be a back saver, meaning you aren’t lifting your items in and out of the trailer. You can use a dolly to load heavy items.

Both have their pros and cons, so it is important to carefully choose which is the best for you.

V-Nose or Flat Front

The front of a trailer has two types; the V-nose and a Flat Front.

The advantage of the v-nose is that it provides you with more cargo space. Not only that, many feel a trailer with a v-nose is aesthetically enticing.

There are others that prefer the flat nose and say that a v-nose was not their personal choice.


Usually, single axle trailers do not come with electric brakes unless upgraded. Tandem and Triple axles trailers will have electric brakes on each axle. It's easier to stop a trailer when there are electric brakes on each axle. Also, it saves your vehicle’s brakes from wearing off. It's easier to control a trailer with brakes, especially on the highway.

On a final note:

There are many options to make a trailer from just any ordinary trailer to YOUR trailer. When you put these tips into proper consideration, you can be sure to make a good choice when buying a cargo trailer. You may want also want to read our tips for buying a cargo trailer.