ATTENTION: The Cargo Trailer Industry is experiencing a shortage in materials which is causing the normal build time to be pushed back several weeks. Trailers that state they are in stock may or may not be in stock. Call to check availability.

Rock Solid Cargo Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of questions we are often asked about Rock Solid Cargo Trailers. 

Does Rock Solid Cargo make race car trailers? 

Yes, Rock Solid Cargo does build race trailers. We can help design a car hauler to fit your needs ranging from a smaller trailer to a larger trailer. We can add different options to help fit your needs. 

Where are Rock Solid Cargo Trailers made? 

Rock Solid Cargo Trailers are made in Douglas, GA. We can help with getting a trailer delivered almost anywhere in the U.S. if needed. 

Can I get a Rock Solid Trailer delivered to my home?

Yes, Indeed. Here at Reedy Branch Equipment, we work with a trusted 3rd party shipper that can deliver your trailer almost anywhere in the United States. 

How does Rock Solid Cargo's Warranty work? 

Rock Solid Cargo has a 5 Year Structural Warranty. Rock Solid Cargo stands behind their product 100%. 
All warranty work must be approved by Rock Solid Cargo before getting reimbursed. An estimate is required.

Does Rock Solid Cargo make landscaping trailers?

Of course. We can help with making the right choice for your next trailer. We can help design your trailer to last by beefing up the axles and adding additional items!

Can I finance a Rock Solid Cargo Trailer? 

Yes you can. We have lenders available to help you with your trailer financing and purchase. Click Here to learn more about financing a trailer.


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