Businesses You Can Start Using a Cargo Trailer or Utility Trailer

There are many businesses you can start using a cargo trailer or utility trailer and we will be covering some of them.

In this day and age, people would rather have their necessities brought to their doorstep than have to go out and get them, so this creates a huge opportunity. If you have an enclosed cargo trailer, you can make use of this opportunity to create an additional source of income for yourself or even better, create a full time business. 

A mobile trailer “store” can be said to be more productive than a brick and mortar store. If you're not getting enough customers in a particular location, you can easily move your trailer to another spot. You can travel to your customers location to make it more convenient to them, which many people want. But you can’t do that with a brick and mortar store. 

Check out some amazing trailer business ideas you can try that can give you a booming income. But before you jump in and purchase the first cargo trailer you see it would be a good idea to know exactly what you will be using it for. You don't want to jump in and buy a 7 x 14 when you need a 7 x 16 cargo trailer or larger.

Let's jump into some of the businesess you can start using a trailer. 

Lawn Care & Landscaping Designer

Either utility or cargo trailers can be used for landscaping. Whether you are a landscape designer or you want to start a lawn care business, a trailer is a must. Lawn care businesses can haul their equipment on a utility trailer, while a landscape designer may benefit more from an enclosed cargo trailer.  

Utility trailer

Specialty Food Truck 

Have you always dreamed of opening a restaurant, but the cost was so high, that dream went up in smoke? Well, have you ever thought about a food truck? You can design a concession trailer to fit your specific needs. Food trucks have the ability to bring in more income than most restaurants that are fixed in one location. Also, it doesn't require a big capital investment to start. Many cities have food truck days, where all sorts of food trucks and vendors show up for the public to visit. With a food truck, you are totally mobile and can attend craft fairs, sporting events, waterparks events, and so much more. The options are endless, without a big overhead. 

Concession Trailers

Junk Removal

You can use your trailer for junk removal. There are so many opportunities here. You can work with local property management companies to haul off left behind junk from rental properties. Haul off junk in people’s yards they no longer want or need. Work with local banks that have foreclosures and need junk haul away from the foreclosed home. Even more examples: construction debris removal, apartment complexes often need junk removed. The list goes on and on. 

Local Moving Services

Your trailer can be used for moving services. Your cargo trailer is perfect for this job. People are always moving. You can offer to move their items to their new home or office. Their items will be safe and secured in your cargo trailer and you get paid for your services. Sometimes people just need smaller items moved; a sectional sofa, pool table, hutch, piano, gun case, a large desk, or maybe just a few items. You can be the solution to their headache. It's a win-win situation for both parties.

Transportation Business 

You can use your trailers to transport cars, boats, motorcycles and goods. 

There are many people out there who do not have a way to transport items and you could be the go to when they are in need of hauling something. Your pay can be determined by either the distance you cover or by the number of goods you transport. Whatever the case, you get your pay for using your trailer to do business and take the burden of hauling off the customer.

Mobile Massage & Body Care

People like to take good care of their bodies but for some reason, some would prefer you come to them. You can open a mobile massage parlor and move to various locations. If you have a cargo trailer you can have it designed with cabinets and storage areas that would work best for you and your massage business. This will be your massage room on wheels. Don’t worry about lighting, because that can be added too. 

Mobile Boutique Clothing

If you're a boutique owner or want to start one, then a mobile boutique may be of benefit to you.  Your brick-and-mortar boutique store may be located where there’s not a lot of traffic. If you want to make sales, you must get in the faces of your potential customers. With the help of your trailer, you can move your clothes from one location to another. You are able to go to events, have someone host a boutique house party, attend craft shows, parades, and so much more because you are mobile. You can even talk to our friendly reps about having a trailer built with a fitting room in it. You can increase sales for your boutique if you make it mobile.

Mobile Auto Detailing

This is also a lucrative business. Who doesn't love their cars to be clean and looking sharp? You can leverage that by bringing your services to their doorstep instead of them coming to find you. You can talk to business owners, business complexes, apartment complexes, schools, and more to arrange a time to visit their location to clean their cars. I’ll bet you, you will attract more than just the people who are there. By making your auto detailing services mobile, you're able to reach out to a larger base of customers.

Mobile Pet Grooming & Exercise

Many pet owners love their pets to look good at all times and some of them can't do it by themselves. However, for some reason, they may not be able to make it to the nearest pet shop regularly.

But you'd come in handy with your mobile pet grooming and exercise service. You will be able to access people that are not able to leave the comfort of their homes and people who may have no idea where the nearest pet shop is. With your tools and equipment set up properly in the trailer, you'll be able to deliver as much quality as when they visit the normal pet shop.

Mobile Auto Repair

Many people have cars that are broken down at their home with no way to take them out and get them fixed. Also, cars break down regularly on the road and most of these car owners have no mechanical knowledge to diagnose what is wrong.

Now, with your mobile auto repair trailer, you can move around and gain access to people with these types of problems. You can do simple auto repairs like oil changes, spark plug changes, and many others that do not require heavy equipment like a lift. 

Your workshop can be mobile and more effective than a brick-and-mortar workshop. By moving from one location to another, you're increasing your client base and doing more repair work, which means more money in your pocket, without the overhead of a large retail space. , 


There's plenty of money to be made in the catering business. There are tons of businesses that hold socials and corporate events weekly. Those businesses are looking for a catering company. There are even family gatherings, reunions, parties, and weddings you can advertise and cater for. There are so many opportunities for a mobile catering business and an enclosed trailer will be the solution of delivering your delicious food safely. Make sure you check out all of the ins and outs about starting a mobile catering business.  

There are a plethora of ways you can use a cargo trailer or utility trailer to make a full time or part-time income, without an enormous out of pocket expense. We have shared with you twelve. Use your imagination and we are sure that you will think of more. The sky is the limit. 

When you are starting the looking phase and you are in the market for a cargo or utility trailer, you may want to read about selecting the right cargo trailer for your needs. Just remember if you need any help or have any questions that our experienced representative can answe, simply call us today and we will help you choose the trailer that is right for you.  912-422-7092